Eco-Friendly Luxury. Recycle Responsibly. Live Luxuriously.



SupahLuxy is not just a brand. It’s a lifestyle. 

By helping reduce water and plastic waste, we can create a cleaner and greener environment. One without sea life suffering from plastic waste, is one with apparel that not only looks good but also feels good. Because we’re not just after responsible recycling, but also an affordable, yet luxurious lifestyle for everyone worldwide. 


Direct to garment

Have designs that you’d like to put on apparel,
but don’t want to make minimum order quantities of 50?

Graphic design

Need a professional design for your next project?
No problem we’ve got you covered!


Tired of paying additional fees for digitizing designs and additional stitches?

Designer Program

Have you ever thought about putting you artwork(s) and design(s) on merchandise for sale? We got you covered!


Is there a design or drawing you really liked and wanted to just carry it around with you? Or do you have an event where you’d like to share your designs with the world? We have custom die cut stickers that we print on demand based off of your wants and your needs! 

We've Partnered With Eco-Friendly Optical

Have you ever wanted to reuse your old frames or find a more “eco-friendly” alternative for your eyewear needs? Come find out why we have partnered with Eco-Friendly Optical and what makes their eyeglasses so much more environmentally sustainable, yet affordable than other opticals!

Questions? Contact Us

Need larger orders for an event or don’t see any designs you like? Send us your own and we will custom print them for you!